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Riding the highway rumble strip

Slowly to feel each rise and drop.

Both windows down,

Warm night air hugs the sound of

Tires straddling the black

Perforated edge of goodbyes,

Stop and go breeze whistles

Between each finger

That dares to test life

Away from the steering wheel.

Radio static turns thoughts

Into black and white confetti,

Into missing puzzle pieces

And the quiet notes of the




I’ll never forget how faithfully

You tucked me in with burlap,

Wrapped ice packs around my toes,

And placed a heavy green glass

Of bubbly mud by my bedside.

You read aloud half a manual

On gears and car parts,

Threatened me with a test,

Then turned on the light

And said,

”Sleep might hit you in the head

With a sledgehammer,

Share the bedbugs

With the monsters in your closet.”

each thought hung outside,

pinched by a clothespin,

waiting limply

to be returned to dark,

cool drawers

where the wind doesn’t

blow through,

showing the sun

what’s been

worn thin.

White noise and whispers,

Like salt to blood pressure,

Send thoughts quickly to the heart.

What was and what ifs

Glaze blue eyes over,

Colors replay on the inside.

Is a memory

A pile of quilt squares,

Bright pieces of earth and sky

In flesh-like cloth,

Soft and familiar?

Or is it

The blanket’s stains and loose threads,

Pockmarked pieces

Fingered and worn,

Torn in places?

Tears flow backward,

Drowning dreams

In salty,

Shark infested waters.

Every wound inside

Burns as the

Warm briny waves

Rush in.

Phantom termites marching,

Put your ear to the floor.

Awful expectations,

You can crunch them,

But there’s more.

You know skinny legs support

This army of mental beasts,

But extermination’s useless,

You’re the fodder

For their feast.

When I thought growing up meant
My own pair of chocolate icing eyes
And Princess Jasmine hair,

When I believed adolescence was simply
A merging of freckles
Into a nice, golden tan,

When career just meant
A fun, dressy
Daytime distraction,

When teenage years
Were like blurry heat waves
In the distance on the road.

Thoughts stretch

Until all color disappears

From their taut putty strings.

Only black and white

Answer bubbles bounce

In the brain,

Red herrings are sent

To the stomach

To flutter.