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Muddy shoestrings

And faded stamp collections

Drag sepia paths

Of adventure

All the way home

To mothers with 

Perfected recipes

And laundry trails

Of love.

We promise

It’s never




Only one

Fairytale for sale.

Wedged between the brown cracked lamp

And sagging couch,

The cellophane-wrapped

Still-beating heart

Makes you wonder

If you could live

Without it.

Most people’s hearts

Are cute, colorful things

Like Valentines’ Day

Cards and candy.

Yours is a single

Swiss cheese slice,

The holes hang on bones

The rest, colorless,

A solid

Sheet of ice.

No love letter

To peruse,

So latitude and longitude

Are skimmed for

Lines to read between.

Each piece of chocolate

Is unwrapped with the

Expectation of a treasure map

Printed on the underside

Of the shiny red foil,

X marks the spot.


I and U

Make soft sounds

In Spanish-

Weak vowels

With no need to


Each sits comfortably

Within words,

Waiting for

The uniting moment


Down the printed page.

Blending effortlessly

Yet keeping identity,

I and U,

You and I.

The downward glance
Of his stormy eyes,

The surroundings
Until together you sit,

Then incinerate
Every thought
Devoid of his face,

Don’t add water,
Just allow the mind to

To create your very own
Life-size Insta-Prince.


Let’s set sail

In a paper boat

Made with love notes

So we can laugh at

Scribbled secrets

And badly rhyming lines

Of silly sentimentality

As we drift along,

Making faces

In the watery mirror

Below our ship

And smiling straight

Into the sun.

By the words of his mouth,

Water splashed against land.

With skillful imagination,

He formed human hands.

By his power and choosing,

Kings fall and they stand.

From the love of his heart,

God became man.