dirt on the welcome mat

Monthly Archives: April 2012

she sells
butterfly shadows
and handfuls of
cantaloupe strings
in a summertime stand
just off the fringe
of highway dust
and blurry pavement heat

she gypsy flings
earnings to
the breeze until
sound brushes through
her hair like wind chimes,  
dimes roll from pocket seams
like dreams,
not missed

what was said
slipped into my rain boots
and waited for the weather 

skies bright blue
like my polka dot rubber
offered soft distractions

until umbrellas spun
like pinwheels in March
and in like a lamb

blew the whisper
of other days,
leaving like the lion

large prints with claws,
a muddy map
to remembrance.

we found our
bicycle helmets-
cracked pastel plastic
and too small

the frayed black straps pulled my hair
the buckle pinched your fingertips

but your thick scar
and my skipping heart
kept our heads hard

we were careful
but I’m still separating
pavement from skin

a blade of grass
blown between the thumbs
eyes claim to see
staring into sun
in the highest