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Riding the highway rumble strip

Slowly to feel each rise and drop.

Both windows down,

Warm night air hugs the sound of

Tires straddling the black

Perforated edge of goodbyes,

Stop and go breeze whistles

Between each finger

That dares to test life

Away from the steering wheel.

Radio static turns thoughts

Into black and white confetti,

Into missing puzzle pieces

And the quiet notes of the




Shredded paper in his spaghetti


Stamped all over the sauce.

Meatballs ground with

Bits of brown




Dessert topped

With sweet

White-out icing gloss.

Your suggestions

Hang like

Pink streamers

From the

Chipped white walls,

Decorating for all occasions

As long as

the colors are loud

And the theme obnoxious.

My thoughts unroll

On cold paint

As bright yellow

Caution tape.

Black letters spell out



We celebrate

The same events

a little differently.

I have

a single coffee bean

for a brain today,

caffeine and steam

grind together





they soak my tongue,

causing me to lie

shaking in the

deep brown hammock

stretched between

exhaustion and energy.

Just ask,
Everyone has the same two initials
Any given day,
But identical is not characteristic
Of O.K.

After listening to Off Key
I’m sure I met with Odd Karma
As Ordinary Kindness
Held the door for me.

Over Kill and Obnoxious Know-it-all,
Deep in conversation
With the Oblivious Kid,
Passed right by without a wave.

Just think,
No one with the same personality,
But never say
We don’t have the same two letters
To play with

Lightning bugs

In Mason jars

And poster board

Butterfly collections,

Death so natural

And pleasing to the eye,

Life all at once

So free and trapped

And unable to fly.

Each morning

Mist gathers

Like dew in the mind.

Thought droplets hug

Each cranial curve

Causing sleepy heads

To droop

Until sunshine

Dries the

Mental condensation.


Phrases of flattery

Stir in my mind

Until like

Necklace chains

They swirl into

A glistening knot.

Ghosts don’t lurk
In quiet corners
Or moan in transparency.
They burn our eyes
With bright colors
That span the
Rainbow of reality.
They shock our senses
With deja vu details,
Laugh with us over
Forgotten inside jokes,
Then leave us to sulk,
Pondering immortality
And pulling the bed covers
Over our heads
Each morning.