dirt on the welcome mat

Monthly Archives: January 2012

I’ve made a wish in Spanish,
On a star,
With birthday candle breath.
I thought a lot in yoga,
in the shower,
climbing steps.
Now I’m sending my sandcastles
out to sea in purple pails.
I hope
the fishermen
will add
my daydreams
to their tales.

interesting interested
the difference between sleet and snow
subtleties like stalagmites grow
from our cool, dark floors
through the doors that were opened for us

chip the color off
and tear texture top to bottom
let the warm corduroy ridges
slip away 

follow barefoot
your black and white dreams
touch the tight seams
that hold them together


because I don’t have the patience
to grow my hair really long
because you made up lyrics
to an instrumental song
because we write our letters crooked
and doodle so straight
because they didn’t see you slip in
and marked us both late

The sky’s eyelashes
Give their Eskimo kisses
To my windowpane.
There’s no screen to catch
The soft breathless tip-touches,
Clouds blush bright lightning
As cold glass brushes
Their most subtle tenderness,
Sealed invitation

Twenty seven we sit,
Styrofoam solar systems 
Within cinderblock walls,
Trying not to lose our colors by
Orbiting as planned, 
Spinning eyes over the room
While paint, like sand,
Crumbles from hardened shell to 
Seats nearby.
Questioning if we represent
The magnitude of our paper labels,
We planets ponder
The implications of our majors,
Galaxies beyond
Our comprehension.

her secrets are safe
between her toes
she goes barefoot
on mud puddle days
and river-wades
and the wild-sown silents
slosh over and sink ground
dirt brown and so soft
everyone knows the smell
and sound
but nobody looks