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Inside some minds

Revolves a jagged scrap, a metal shape

On display in the dark like an African diamond.

Night flares shoot from its sharp-angled corners,

Maiming pulsing webs of soul, bone and vein.

A brilliant kill- dead and done are the

Nektons of the spirit.

Our conversations

click around magnetic corners,

attract and oppose,

the horseshoe metal slides

your sounds

over my red thought blocks,

twists and flips

the silver tips until-


our heads fold to

the horizontal,

the poles quiver

as our souls

join the elliptical current,

the inseparable invisible,

the magnetistic

meeting of minds.

He makes a steady sound inside

Like a million computers

Whirring in a

Concrete room.

His veins form a

Steel infrastructure


With pumping blood,

There’s no room anyway

For gray matter has invaded

Each cubicle of space

Oh so efficiently.

It’s a pet of the mind

Always slipping its leash,

Digging up

Stinking treasures,


In someone else’s yard,


Its tail

Or speeding cars.


Phrases of flattery

Stir in my mind

Until like

Necklace chains

They swirl into

A glistening knot.

Cover the mind’s

Cracked concrete slab

With laughter streaks of

Sidewalk chalk.

Fill the silence

With shuffles of

Hopscotch feet,

And when you

Start to rain inside,

Let the colors

Wash away.

But clutch the

Chipped chalk nub

So you can

Create again.

As a noun

It’s a pesky irritation,

Sound violation,

Germ infestation.

But put the wind in its wings

And as a verb

These three letters glide

Through the mind



Infecting mankind with

An impossible dream.

I want to drive

Without a windshield

Into the downpour

Of your mind.

Send troubles

Like tree branches

Crashing my way,

There’s no glass barrier

To shatter.