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There’s a bridge between us

But it’s stone and cold

And too close to rushing water.

You just got off work and

My rain boots have holes

And we’re forever sons and daughters

Of tomorrow and yesterday.

So simply send me paper airplanes

Or throw boomerangs

As far as you can.

We’re waltzing on tippy-toe,

Floating like snow,

Topsy-turvy together.

Feathers in a pillow fight,

Two eyes moving back and forth

At night to the rhythm

Of a dream

Seamless and syncopated,

Weighted ticks in measured time

Bring us again to rhyme

And reason.

Interviewed, sued, and renewed,

Zipped up and melted down

Veins petrified yet tied together.

We drift apart between breaths,

But death is our separation.

thread our

one strand of sun


cold metal clouds

that loop then

point needle tip

to ground.



this lone

glowing yarn

with the thimble moon

until buried beneath

thick folds

of treetop green,

it winds around

a stump spool

for stumbling fools

to discover.

Split ends,


Bending into ragged

Piggyback rides,

Sliding in thin

Between the

Healthy strands

On all sides,

Refusing to break

But making

Cracks in

A confident head

All the same.