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Monthly Archives: September 2011

You and I pirouette 
Under floodlights and
Bow with fresh
Foliage swirling around our
Pointed toes.

We look up
Just as the curtain falls
With gleams
From spotlights overhead.

Sitting cold like the
Wet grass,
We smile exhaustion
Until the stage shakes
An unyielding encore.

I stared at the
Long black hair
Stretched like
Calligraphy over your rug
Just before you smeared a salve 
On each eye,
Like pencil over paper,
Rubbing, tracing a leaf underneath,
Then somehow
A new skin slipped
Itself over
And I lost
Arms and legs,
But your tongue was forked.

Every revolution of the sun
Is marked
In its core
By the click of a
Seatbelt buckle 
Whose metal heat has blistered
The thumbs of a thousand.
Stovetops with an equal status
Are struck with matches
Until the sound of a bb bullet
In old green bean can
Echoes and spins and escapes,
Curling each ray
On its way back to earth.

To Allan_Wrench and HotBod,
To Auto-Sales and *Discount Tools,
Sorry to make this message generic,
But you understand the inbox rules-
And if you forgot, no worries, I’ll FWD them. Twice.

I really like that thing that you said
In that site on the internet-
I found it on Google, and yes,
Your blog is set on mine as a favorite
So I visit every second I breathe.

We have so much in common,
I can’t believe we haven’t met before-
I love emoticons too,
Especially three or more
In a row, like this: Winking smileSmileSmile with tongue outOpen-mouthed smile.

I know exactly what you mean
When you send me those,
And your incomplete sentences
Poetic are like beautiful flows-
Inspiring, I read often.

magnetic filaments
pulled in Milky Way swirls
Wooly Willy’s furry moustache uncurled
opposites attract

cement rings early exchanged
two hundred pound hula hoops
tire swings bend the branches low
in the summertime

Jenga played with bones
in an old tree house or a steep staircase
missing link, missing face
in the scrapbook