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you’re walking funny
under a fresh coat of paint,
that bright white
nervous new shine
trembles like a loose tooth
under your smile

Woven within

The white shell

Of your bones

Is a chain of daisies and bright lollipops

And musical lava lamps in full color

Stitched with a tie-dyed

Scented shoelace parade,

So your temperature stays

Halfway between

Birthday cake icing and

Fluffy polka-dot lampshades,

Your smile is chocolate brown suede

And a pocket full of money,

Your laugh,

Full of ocean waves and shade

And sweet honeysuckle vines

With little white flowers.

Your sounds

Are mentholated music,

Giggle-shouts and whisper-songs

Swirl into the wall’s pores,

Soothing and stretching

Exiled toys and the timeout corner

Into a colorful oblivion.

We ride the stained magic carpet to

Your stereo smile

And like dancing bears,

Forget our manners

And the time

But always remember to sing

Ourselves to sleep

To the off-beat rhythm of fun.

You were last box unpacked,

The first to know

I was leaving.

Somehow I can’t seem

To reassemble

The stacks of photographs

And silly notes

That I thought

Made up your smile.

Your style

Is unique,

Send me the instructions,


summertime smiles,

like warm rain,


make you feel like

the sun


Good night,

Sleep tight,

Have dreams about the brightest light

That’s ever reached

Your pretty heart

Wake with a smile because you might

Just break through

To someone’s thoughts,

Like stars shooting into sight.

Orthodontist’s molds
Of my straightened teeth
And x-rays from before,
School picture days
And Christmas parades
And happy masks in the store.
Silly crocodiles,
Colons and parentheses,
Stars and a waning moon.
The front of cars,
Barbie and her friends,
The promise of seeing you soon.

Grip your comic strip parachute

And float with me.

Let’s giggle down to home,

Naming cities after clouds,

Reflecting the sun in our smiles

Until the forecast

Makes the weathermen dance.

They’re flying

a wet checkerboard flag.

On sunny days

A patriotic symbol,

Now twisted triangular

By the storm.

Red and white stripes

Overlapping, flapping,

Folded just so,

Picture perfect

If placed in a picnic basket

Or draped over

A wooden casket,

It hangs like a somber smile,

Dripping tears

Of joy.

Skin so red,

Coated with a golden sheen,

Crinkled around her mouth

Just like the notebook paper

Her tanned hands smoothed.

Doodled ink hearts

On the outside

Met the inside

Pretty quickly,

Sunshine radiated

Through curls

Twisted, tied,

Stretched back to make room

For a scribbled smile.