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interesting interested
the difference between sleet and snow
subtleties like stalagmites grow
from our cool, dark floors
through the doors that were opened for us

We’re waltzing on tippy-toe,

Floating like snow,

Topsy-turvy together.

Feathers in a pillow fight,

Two eyes moving back and forth

At night to the rhythm

Of a dream

Seamless and syncopated,

Weighted ticks in measured time

Bring us again to rhyme

And reason.

Penny post

To pony express

To parked cars

Halfway in the road.

Rain or shine,

Snow or sleet,

Safety’s never been

Priority mail.

Gooey marshmallow crème

Plops and oozes

All over the earth

Until children,

Chubby in their puffy coats,

Squish it between

Their gloved fingers,

Roll their tobogganed heads

And padded tummies

In the ground’s thick spread,

And stick out their tongues,

Hoping for more magic to fall in this

Willy Wonka

Winter Wonderland.

December twenty fifth,

The city saw snow.

She saw a blanket of white too,

Draped across her hospital bed.

Stark sterile snowflakes

Covered the walls, ceiling, floor

So cold, so bright.

Not like the warm yellow lights

On her Christmas tree.


Wooden nutcrackers
Half covered in snow
Stand single-file,
Thirty in one row.

Guarding a brick house
Red as their uniform,
They silently wonder
Why this is the norm,

Why soldiers
With clenched teeth
Are often found
Standing beneath
A Christmas tree.

Why “peace on earth”
Fits right beside
The nutcracker
At Christmastime.


Like the snow, you twirled magically,

Swirling around my heart.

You made the world a wonderland,

New and beautiful, unbelievable.

But the snowstorm stopped

With no warning.

Frozen white piles, suffocating the ground,

Melted slowly into salty puddles.

I stopped dancing in the snow,

Now I walk in the rain.