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Shredded paper in his spaghetti


Stamped all over the sauce.

Meatballs ground with

Bits of brown




Dessert topped

With sweet

White-out icing gloss.

Ceiling tiles are empty comic strips,

Copy and paste characters

From around the table.

Thought bubbles fill too quickly,

Sharp words

Poke the sides,

Tone elbows them around

Until one sarcastic phrase too many

Takes a bite

Out of its bubble boundary,

You groan and roll your eyes.

Now glares

From Mr. Special Speaker

And his laser pointer friend

Could shred your thoughts

Like an angry editor.

You know,

You should have cut  and pasted.

Powerful as the new day,

The past lingers

On pungent breath.

Intense as last week’s

Coffee spill,

Memory lapses keep staining,

Polluting the gray office air.

Never a clean break,

Awake, asleep,

Every sunrise with its shadows.

He makes a steady sound inside

Like a million computers

Whirring in a

Concrete room.

His veins form a

Steel infrastructure


With pumping blood,

There’s no room anyway

For gray matter has invaded

Each cubicle of space

Oh so efficiently.

The most uncomfortable


A taunt,

The only intellectual joke

I fully understand.

Dress for stress,

I mean,

To impress

Those people

Who can’t wait

To go home

And wear


Cherry red fingernails

Tap dance on a keyboard,

Callused palms

Grip a board and a saw.

Rotating wrists

Knit rows of warmth,

Muddy, curious fingers

Build sandy forts high.

Mind, body and soul,

We all work hard.


Shiny blue beads

Strung on silver thread

Swing around your neck

Like bits of icy barbed wire.

Bright pink nails

Glare like laser beams

As they point out

Microscopic imperfections.

Your subtle attempts at softness

Shatter with each harsh step

Of your pointed

High heeled shoes.