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You’ll be okay
Because tomorrow’s pinky-promising you
Flowers and warm rain
And laughter bright as lemonade, 
Heavy on the sugar.

You’ll be alright
Because the sun’s already working
On a wake-up surprise just for you,
So colorful and new,
It’ll take the whole morning
Just to unwrap.

You laugh
That repulsed
Mirrors crack and
Cameras break,
But real people
And take
Light from
Happy moments,
And glue
Them between pages
In their

Like a bride’s train

Like a train’s smoke

Trailing softly

With foggy footsteps,

The toilet paper square

Escaped its

Odorous home,

Guided, unknowing, by

A shuffling

Rubber shoe sole.

Cover the mind’s

Cracked concrete slab

With laughter streaks of

Sidewalk chalk.

Fill the silence

With shuffles of

Hopscotch feet,

And when you

Start to rain inside,

Let the colors

Wash away.

But clutch the

Chipped chalk nub

So you can

Create again.

Ghosts don’t lurk
In quiet corners
Or moan in transparency.
They burn our eyes
With bright colors
That span the
Rainbow of reality.
They shock our senses
With deja vu details,
Laugh with us over
Forgotten inside jokes,
Then leave us to sulk,
Pondering immortality
And pulling the bed covers
Over our heads
Each morning.

Oh, to live in a comic strip

Where my every frustration

Is a humorous quip

That amuses the world.

Where my flaws and gaffes

Are only the source of

Jokes and laughs

With cartoon friends.