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Throwing another year to the stars, hoping it
Wraps itself around
Each of the constellations,
Notching a diagonal across and 
Twisting a strand of hair, thinking of

I stared at the
Long black hair
Stretched like
Calligraphy over your rug
Just before you smeared a salve 
On each eye,
Like pencil over paper,
Rubbing, tracing a leaf underneath,
Then somehow
A new skin slipped
Itself over
And I lost
Arms and legs,
But your tongue was forked.

in our pockets,

in our hair,

glittering like an unexpected smile

then dimmed to cold camouflage

is the fortune fools chase,

the precious dust

of seconds gone by,

dropped by the sun’s shining pendulum

then slowly caked on

eager skin

until aged and desperate,

it forms deep crevasses

to catch

hope in measured,

treasured time

We move with inky shoes 
Across desk calendars,
Jogging twice around
Each day’s black square,
Squeezing our bodies
Through cursive reminders,

Dyeing hair to match
Highlighted events,

Stopping only to glance
At the numbered sun
In the left hand corner.

Split ends,


Bending into ragged

Piggyback rides,

Sliding in thin

Between the

Healthy strands

On all sides,

Refusing to break

But making

Cracks in

A confident head

All the same.

When I thought growing up meant
My own pair of chocolate icing eyes
And Princess Jasmine hair,

When I believed adolescence was simply
A merging of freckles
Into a nice, golden tan,

When career just meant
A fun, dressy
Daytime distraction,

When teenage years
Were like blurry heat waves
In the distance on the road.

Running your fingers through his hair,

Those light strands

Curling like discarded crayon wrappers.

Can you see the color captions yet,

Or are you looking for

Descriptions of yourself?

Keep clawing at his scalp,

And a few dandruff compliments

Might slide under your fingernails.

You know he’d color you a masterpiece

If you’d stop fingering

Each thought.

Skin so red,

Coated with a golden sheen,

Crinkled around her mouth

Just like the notebook paper

Her tanned hands smoothed.

Doodled ink hearts

On the outside

Met the inside

Pretty quickly,

Sunshine radiated

Through curls

Twisted, tied,

Stretched back to make room

For a scribbled smile.


She’s up early

Every morning

Painting each eyelid

A different shade,

Parting her hair

A little to one side,

Getting ready for both of them,

Two princes so charming,

Both bending one knee

So in a cheerleader stance,

She can face the crowd.

He didn’t just

Like candy and soda,

Cupcake wrappers

Filled his tummy too.

Ten chubby fingers

Trembled like Jell-O

As they reached

For the small

Pale hands of his pretty

Curly haired classmate

Who sat in trepidation

across the school lunch table.

But her chocolate pudding

Like the brown swirls of her hair,

Captivated his senses

And curbed his appetite

As he immersed each finger

In the sweet distraction.