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Winter trees wait for the sunset
To plead the debt
Earth owes the sky-
Dark limbs stretch high.

Sharp branches poke the golden glow
The poor below
Wish, work, and weep
To coin and keep.

But frost sits where no gold can stay
The next cold day-
A silver peace
For winter’s lease.

The shivering hay

in that winter field

made the air crackle

like a rain stick,

like it used to

when my grandpaw

slid the sound storm

between his hands.

I twirled it too

and felt the sparks

through the gray wood,

through the cold hay

in the bright echo

of early winter.

Like warm weather
In winter,
You stole. 
One blossom
And strangled-

You tangled seasons,
A single brown hope

That stretched 
To grasp this

Hope forgot its own
Smooth skin
To brush
The jar of promise
Sweating dew,

Hope danced
With the wind,
Twirling its treasure
Too soon,

But its thin arm
Never let go-
This flower
Fell for you.

With five frozen blue fingers

Curled in each fist,

He’s the official

Christmas spirit protagonist.

He keeps a low profile

For most of the season,

Until his gray matter

Conjures up a reason

To sneak in a commercial

Or holiday show.

Sporting overgrown eyebrows

And an icicle ‘fro,

He pelts happy elves

With sarcastic sleet

And throws cynical snowballs

At smiling kids in the street

While he contorts his pale skin

In a Grinch-like sneer,

Letting no one forget

That he comes each year.

Such haughty actors

Are gray winter trees.

By baring their bark

In cold defiance

Of frivolous Christmas celebrations,

They believe themselves

To be showering the world

With profound soliloquies.