dirt on the welcome mat

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she sells
butterfly shadows
and handfuls of
cantaloupe strings
in a summertime stand
just off the fringe
of highway dust
and blurry pavement heat

she gypsy flings
earnings to
the breeze until
sound brushes through
her hair like wind chimes,  
dimes roll from pocket seams
like dreams,
not missed

Riding the highway rumble strip

Slowly to feel each rise and drop.

Both windows down,

Warm night air hugs the sound of

Tires straddling the black

Perforated edge of goodbyes,

Stop and go breeze whistles

Between each finger

That dares to test life

Away from the steering wheel.

Radio static turns thoughts

Into black and white confetti,

Into missing puzzle pieces

And the quiet notes of the




Hauling hay bales

Down the highway,

A rusty trailer showers

Passing cars with golden straws.

These sunbeam sticks

Dance up windshields

Like a Peter Pan posse,

Until a gust of wind

Pushes them up, up and over.

Racing down trunks,

Bumping over license plates,

Then leaping to the ground,

They sit like limp tinsel on the pavement,

Waiting in vain for another wild ride.