dirt on the welcome mat

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You were last box unpacked,

The first to know

I was leaving.

Somehow I can’t seem

To reassemble

The stacks of photographs

And silly notes

That I thought

Made up your smile.

Your style

Is unique,

Send me the instructions,


Sticky post-it notes

In thick wads

Down my throat,

Flashcards and bold print,

Just skim texts

Two percent,

Busy schedule

Kills the appetite.

Word count too full,

Word Watchers diet.

Happy, healthy people

Don’t try it.

Let’s set sail

In a paper boat

Made with love notes

So we can laugh at

Scribbled secrets

And badly rhyming lines

Of silly sentimentality

As we drift along,

Making faces

In the watery mirror

Below our ship

And smiling straight

Into the sun.

Scribbled notes filling the margins

Mix like cream into coffee,

Softening the rich, pungent plot,

Blending a previous traveler’s

Steps through the storyline

With my own.

Underlined passages

On each yellowed page

Outline a fresh perspective,

Accenting hidden treasures,

While earmarked sheets

Smudged with fingerprints

Or tears

Play a soft,

Sentimental symphony.