dirt on the welcome mat

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the key on my necklace
doesn’t unlock anything,
and the band on your shirt
can’t help you sing

harmony sits like flip-flops,
right between the toes.

it spreads like the soft tinkling
of a new charm bracelet’s
bright empty links

it walks the spiked tightrope
of barbed wire fences,
waiting as greener grass seed
falls from both hands
and sinks

we came
dressed in white-
nothing serious
or symbolic,

just clumsy animal-shaped,
stumbling around
too close to the sun

covering smiles and handshakes
in bleached
cotton candy pillow fights
morning mist
and whens and whys

you placed my fingers in
the spaces between
the spider’s threads

and waited for sunset
or something I said
to warm your eyes

until blinded and bound
we could sit
softly together

Interviewed, sued, and renewed,

Zipped up and melted down

Veins petrified yet tied together.

We drift apart between breaths,

But death is our separation.

One thin layer from the surface
Surrounded by
nd fat.
Two splinters
Lodged into a calloused skin,
Squished above bones
That would grow better without us,
We fend for ourselves.
We were the loose pieces
Chipped away accidentally,
Taken forcefully
But together.


We are all cold steel magnets,

Stuck together,

Pulled like waves

By the moon.

Opposite poles attract,

React within.