dirt on the welcome mat

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when the rain rests
right over the breeze,
the trees and grass feel it-
I do, and you.

so how come when news
brews above your tongue
no siren’s song
sears my skin?

The sky’s eyelashes
Give their Eskimo kisses
To my windowpane.
There’s no screen to catch
The soft breathless tip-touches,
Clouds blush bright lightning
As cold glass brushes
Their most subtle tenderness,
Sealed invitation

her secrets are safe
between her toes
she goes barefoot
on mud puddle days
and river-wades
and the wild-sown silents
slosh over and sink ground
dirt brown and so soft
everyone knows the smell
and sound
but nobody looks

You and I pirouette 
Under floodlights and
Bow with fresh
Foliage swirling around our
Pointed toes.

We look up
Just as the curtain falls
With gleams
From spotlights overhead.

Sitting cold like the
Wet grass,
We smile exhaustion
Until the stage shakes
An unyielding encore.

When fireflies waved
The runway clear
For high explosions
I drew my name
In the dark, each letter
Sparkling, popping near
My fingers.
I sat in the cool grass
Watching confetti lightning
With no thoughts of fighting
The tiny artists
Of their own fiery design-
Chigger bites tattooed
The bursting lights
In bright red bites
For my legs to remember.

summertime smiles,

like warm rain,


make you feel like

the sun


Bionic black violin bow, 
Weather gavel,
Rain whip,

Chastening floodwaters,
Chasing each drop.

Heavy railroad crossing gate, 
Aquatic baton,
Auto eyelash,

Strong and simple 
Works until the job’s done.

Metal appendage of a grasshopper,
Water warrior,
Storm dial.

Hardened extension of nature,
Indispensable accessory.

Penny post

To pony express

To parked cars

Halfway in the road.

Rain or shine,

Snow or sleet,

Safety’s never been

Priority mail.

Rain boots and clover


Leprechauns and kites.

Aquamarine and birthday


Buttercups and hot air

balloon flights.

You are
The warm puddle water that
Over the top
Of my rainy day boots,
Slip-dripping down,
Penetrating my socks
Until their sogginess
With each step.