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Fingers to pen, ink to page

These are the vital signs,

More than breath and blood,

Handwritten proof of humanity

In a scribbled stage name,

Undulating letters’

Loops and lines

Measure heartbeats

Around the world.

The downward glance
Of his stormy eyes,

The surroundings
Until together you sit,

Then incinerate
Every thought
Devoid of his face,

Don’t add water,
Just allow the mind to

To create your very own
Life-size Insta-Prince.


Like a little drop of blood,

You slide over bare arms,

Leaving the faintest tingly trace.

People let you crawl

All over their walls and skin,

Amused by your sassy polka-dot shell.

You pride yourself in popularity,

Finding amusement in breaking attachments

With the slightest flutter of your wings,

But would you still be so beloved

Without your pretty little name?

Two sweet syllables

You spoke in passing.

Now I cup my hands to my ear

To feel each breath of sound

Brush against it

Like the waves of the ocean

Roaring in seashells.

Say my name again,

I like how it sounds

Passing through your lips.