dirt on the welcome mat

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her secrets are safe
between her toes
she goes barefoot
on mud puddle days
and river-wades
and the wild-sown silents
slosh over and sink ground
dirt brown and so soft
everyone knows the smell
and sound
but nobody looks

a silent space

hangs on a tightrope

between our chins.

it’s not empty,

just quiet

like the locked

medicine cabinet,

like the plastic storage bin

dusty in the attic,

like the black box

that survived the fire.

Cover the mind’s

Cracked concrete slab

With laughter streaks of

Sidewalk chalk.

Fill the silence

With shuffles of

Hopscotch feet,

And when you

Start to rain inside,

Let the colors

Wash away.

But clutch the

Chipped chalk nub

So you can

Create again.

Your warm oatmeal words

Pour into my cold

Porcelain bowl soul.

They soften the echo,

Sweeten the silence,

Make me whole.