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I dozed in your stomach,
Now you sleep in mine.
My slumber was as restless
As the kids
On flight 682,
But I feel turbulence
As you smile in deep sleep
At parasitic dreams
Pirouetting through.

Lightning bugs

In Mason jars

And poster board

Butterfly collections,

Death so natural

And pleasing to the eye,

Life all at once

So free and trapped

And unable to fly.

As a noun

It’s a pesky irritation,

Sound violation,

Germ infestation.

But put the wind in its wings

And as a verb

These three letters glide

Through the mind



Infecting mankind with

An impossible dream.

Like a little drop of blood,

You slide over bare arms,

Leaving the faintest tingly trace.

People let you crawl

All over their walls and skin,

Amused by your sassy polka-dot shell.

You pride yourself in popularity,

Finding amusement in breaking attachments

With the slightest flutter of your wings,

But would you still be so beloved

Without your pretty little name?