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We promise

It’s never




Only one

Fairytale for sale.

Wedged between the brown cracked lamp

And sagging couch,

The cellophane-wrapped

Still-beating heart

Makes you wonder

If you could live

Without it.

White noise and whispers,

Like salt to blood pressure,

Send thoughts quickly to the heart.

What was and what ifs

Glaze blue eyes over,

Colors replay on the inside.

Most people’s hearts

Are cute, colorful things

Like Valentines’ Day

Cards and candy.

Yours is a single

Swiss cheese slice,

The holes hang on bones

The rest, colorless,

A solid

Sheet of ice.

He makes a steady sound inside

Like a million computers

Whirring in a

Concrete room.

His veins form a

Steel infrastructure


With pumping blood,

There’s no room anyway

For gray matter has invaded

Each cubicle of space

Oh so efficiently.

Sort and separate
The pine needles
Pricking the parts
Of you
That still feel.

Snap the spindly
Excuses before
You’re infected
By their hardening

Sure, you stand tall
In your stubborn resolve,
But several wobbly
Rings in your solid core
Will be all that’s left

When someone cuts
You deep enough.

She exhales helium,

Inflating my crinkled cellophane heart

With her high-pitched

Smiled syllables

Until I float away

Like a Valentines’ Day balloon.

A single hollow tear,

Just enough emotion to

Drip dramatically.

Hyperventilating breaths,

Much needed lung exercise

Since the heart

Does not race.

Soap opera sob story,

A fistful of plastic rose petals

Reeking of boredom.