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I have

a single coffee bean

for a brain today,

caffeine and steam

grind together





they soak my tongue,

causing me to lie

shaking in the

deep brown hammock

stretched between

exhaustion and energy.

Phantom termites marching,

Put your ear to the floor.

Awful expectations,

You can crunch them,

But there’s more.

You know skinny legs support

This army of mental beasts,

But extermination’s useless,

You’re the fodder

For their feast.

Thoughts stretch

Until all color disappears

From their taut putty strings.

Only black and white

Answer bubbles bounce

In the brain,

Red herrings are sent

To the stomach

To flutter.

Slide your sweaty pencil in between

The squishy curves in the brain.

Some people paint by mouth or foot,

No fingers required,

So steady your thoughts and

Slide the seismograph needle

Sprouting from your head

Over the bright white

Empty receipt to record

The disturbing distance

Between where you are

And where you thought you’d be.