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We’re a pair
Of ocean ears.
The pattern of the tides are
Seared in shadows
Cast by flesh-colored curves
f seashell cartilage.
Nerves drift
In seaweed clusters
Beneath our skin’s sparkling surf while
White cotton buoys dance with shark fins,
Swabbing the salt sounds
That swirl between us.

not quite
in face or form,
but balance
he desired
in space,
letter or
speech, he
sculpted or
shaved, paved in
smooth sound
a walkway
ground so
endless, far
and fragile that
it caressed
silence it
is poetry

Seconds should tick,

Not flicker down,

Digitally compressing

Until they fly away,

Spinning green

Like little lights

On a UFO.

Life is time,

Time is sound.

Rounded fingernails click

On the tabletop,

Mental metronome

Sensory overload,

Don’t drop

The tempo.

Ageless, or rather
Every awkward age,
Every noise,
Every cage
They clang on top
Of my head,
My bed groans
Under the weight
Of so many sounds,
Pillows clash like cymbals
Against both ears,
But as I mash my mind
Against the mattress,
I wait to hear
Something interesting.

The bell holds its breath

As a steel sphere swings

Toward its swollen belly.

Bruising the air black

Beneath the curved armor,

It pounds metal on metal,

Clanking like a locomotive,

Like a blacksmith’s tools,

Where are the sparks?

As a noun

It’s a pesky irritation,

Sound violation,

Germ infestation.

But put the wind in its wings

And as a verb

These three letters glide

Through the mind



Infecting mankind with

An impossible dream.