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He makes a steady sound inside

Like a million computers

Whirring in a

Concrete room.

His veins form a

Steel infrastructure


With pumping blood,

There’s no room anyway

For gray matter has invaded

Each cubicle of space

Oh so efficiently.

Her dirty,

Jagged fingernails

Reach down to scratch

Swollen chigger bites

That pulse and scream

Like ambulance sirens

On her little white legs.

She’d donned her brightest sundress

To dance in the wheat field

Just like the women

She’d seen smiling

On television commercials.

Blood trickles as she scrapes

The irritation and the shame,

But her teeth,


Shine between two tiny rosy lips

For now she knows she is


Like a little drop of blood,

You slide over bare arms,

Leaving the faintest tingly trace.

People let you crawl

All over their walls and skin,

Amused by your sassy polka-dot shell.

You pride yourself in popularity,

Finding amusement in breaking attachments

With the slightest flutter of your wings,

But would you still be so beloved

Without your pretty little name?