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on Valentine’s
my heart’s a chalky banana-
no gooey cream center
or soft melting shell.
dull red is printed
deep in my dusty
desert yellow
the typewriter letters
so succinctly spell
my Valentine motto-


Most people’s hearts

Are cute, colorful things

Like Valentines’ Day

Cards and candy.

Yours is a single

Swiss cheese slice,

The holes hang on bones

The rest, colorless,

A solid

Sheet of ice.

She exhales helium,

Inflating my crinkled cellophane heart

With her high-pitched

Smiled syllables

Until I float away

Like a Valentines’ Day balloon.

No love letter

To peruse,

So latitude and longitude

Are skimmed for

Lines to read between.

Each piece of chocolate

Is unwrapped with the

Expectation of a treasure map

Printed on the underside

Of the shiny red foil,

X marks the spot.