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I’m a Red Riding Hood
in the breezy forest,
trusting that there are no
hidden teeth and claws
in the blanket in the cabin
with shiny windows and wings.

Like Jack climbed his beanstalk,
I too ascend,
trying not to wake
sleeping giants in the sky,
hoping for
treasured golden memories
and luggage devoid of stolen goods.

I’m Goldilocks
wandering into seats unfamiliar,
hoping airplane porridge
and a twelve hour flight
through the night
are just right
with the companionship of
bears who are more comfortable
sleeping in different beds
than they are with others
sleeping in their own.

Memory sliced thin and cubed,
Acquire the taste
Of bitter yellow hue
Peppered with ink-
Scribbled nametags
Clothe the calendar
Inviting bystanders
To a bright,
Important world-
Post-it note paradise,
Stick figures recline
Under a palm tree
Too busy to bother

grab the diving board
and wrap it around your waist,
taste the salty snacks floating

to your sun-kissed fingers
as you dangle your feet
in sparkling water

with warm waves
that tickle toes
until they hang soft and loose,

letting tension fall with the bugs
to the bottom
of the pool.