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The bell holds its breath

As a steel sphere swings

Toward its swollen belly.

Bruising the air black

Beneath the curved armor,

It pounds metal on metal,

Clanking like a locomotive,

Like a blacksmith’s tools,

Where are the sparks?

Like a bride’s train

Like a train’s smoke

Trailing softly

With foggy footsteps,

The toilet paper square

Escaped its

Odorous home,

Guided, unknowing, by

A shuffling

Rubber shoe sole.

Riding in a locomotive,

Railway air submarine

At the bottom of the oxygen floor.

Smoky bubbles rise

To the top where they pop

Into white foamy clouds.

Barren tree branches

Stretch their seaweed limbs

Towards the mechanical intruder,

Barns and cars clustered

In colorful reefs

Leave riders gripping seat handles,

Wishing for nets to clutch

To capture brighter,

More fascinating worlds.

Zip the

Rusted metal claws

On your faded 

Floral traveling bag

After you’ve filled it

With sepia toned pictures,

Dog-eared newspapers

And frayed, folded quilts.

I’ll grip its cracked handle

And lift the aged weight

If you take me to the train station

Where your adventure began.