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Three neon numbers

Glare at bleary eyes.

Don’t blink-

Think of consequences,

Of cold water splashed on your face,

Of one thick black mallet

Smashing the alarm clock

Into silent smithereens.

Imagine anything,

Just don’t

Go back

To sleep.


Little slivers of time,

Slide by until their loud ticking sound

Threatens our sanity, happiness, immortality.

But we shouldn’t complain, for to keep us from worrying

And wasting time, they make it quite obvious

Why the second hand reaches

The longest on the



You smile
As you rip calendars
With your teeth,

Summer to come soon,

This semester won’t take long,

We won’t feel tomorrow.

The way your earrings dance
When you cock your head
Says cheerful small talk
Is your specialty.

But I hear death’s
Hollow shouts
Echoing in each drop of
Honey that slides
Down the sides
Of your mouth

And sticks
To the day planner
You clutch on your desk.