dirt on the welcome mat

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Crowded message boards fill

Three complicated stories of

Freshman girl gossip,

Loud music,

And me.

With a man cave of a lobby,

This scented

Breeding ground for texts,

Not the academic kind,

Will surely crumble

In the summertime silence.

Sticky post-it notes

In thick wads

Down my throat,

Flashcards and bold print,

Just skim texts

Two percent,

Busy schedule

Kills the appetite.

Word count too full,

Word Watchers diet.

Happy, healthy people

Don’t try it.

Illusions and illustrations he showers liberally,

Examples are endless and questions encouraged.

New ways of thinking,



Explored creatively in lectures and worksheets.

His explanations flawless,

His audience…less than captivated.

Texting misspelled words beneath the table,

Typing grammar suicides on Facebook walls,

They skip the unchecked homework,

Do a research paper,

And maybe take another class

With Professor Socrates

To get one more decent grade

From a man who thinks too much

Of those who think too little.