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My heart,

Entombed in black nail polish

Ten coats thick,

Painfully pumps

Dark soda liquid

That fizzes violently

Then settles heavy

In my veins.

My swollen throat,

Pounded with bright red Pop rocks,

Tightens around one long, black arrow

Whose sharp tip

Jabs each vital organ

While my lungs,

Like weathered bagpipes,

Torture each breath.

When he was a kid,

Coca-cola was not

An innocent soda pop.

They called it “dope,”

And with good reason.

His parents forbid it,

So after Sunday school

Before the preaching

He ran his fastest

To the store with a friend,

Gripping offering money

In his sweaty fingers all the way.

After guzzling a Coke,

They raced back to sit

In the front row with folded hands

And large,innocent eyes upturned

Toward the preacher.

They soon felt

The effects of carbonation,

But knowing nothing about it,

They assumed it to be the devil

Bubbling up inside them,

And accepted that it was

Their time to die.