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The young sleeping monster

Rests his snoring head

On a cave

Nearly empty,

Except for two bloody bits

Of bone.

Nothing dares disturb the

Solitude except one other,

Larger beast.

Reaching into the

Pocket of darkness

With claws outstretched,

She holds her breath,

Snatching and substituting

With invisible instinct.

Then retreating into the night,

She clutches

Her stolen piece

Of childhood fantasy.

Seven sleepers

Wrapped in fuzzy

Bright blanket cocoons

Are attached

By nature’s law of rest

To mossy green carpet

On their classroom floor.

They wriggle and shift

In their slumber sacs,

Some breathing heavily

As they struggle

In dreams

To break free.

Warbled syllables and slurred phrases

Slide under my covers and sink into my pillow as I sleep.

They share lies about me along with my deepest secrets,

Thrown together like a gossip magazine.

Deafened by dreams,

My ears are spared the saga

Until smiled comments and friendly jokes

Unveil the latest evening news.