dirt on the welcome mat

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in our pockets,

in our hair,

glittering like an unexpected smile

then dimmed to cold camouflage

is the fortune fools chase,

the precious dust

of seconds gone by,

dropped by the sun’s shining pendulum

then slowly caked on

eager skin

until aged and desperate,

it forms deep crevasses

to catch

hope in measured,

treasured time

One thin layer from the surface
Surrounded by
nd fat.
Two splinters
Lodged into a calloused skin,
Squished above bones
That would grow better without us,
We fend for ourselves.
We were the loose pieces
Chipped away accidentally,
Taken forcefully
But together.



We grew parallel
Like fingernails
On the hands of a stranger
From our hometown.

Painted or bitten
On whims,
Scraped across skin

Years have added
No strength or scars,
The future is far
From changing us.

When in a pickle

You’re entombed

In fluorescent snot.

Every limb is a funny bone

Every word is caught then poked

With sharp pickle seeds,

within the thick

Bumpy green skin,

It echoes and bounces

And then will begin to turn neon,

Which no one

Takes seriously.

Don’t mind me,
These blue eyes don’t see a thing.
Like a sunny day’s sky,
No dark clouds allowed,
No rain ever falls.

Don’t mind me,
This pale skin doesn’t bruise,
Like a ghost floating by,
Haunting not feeling,
Untouched, untouchable.

Don’t mind me,
This skinny five foot five frame echoes.
Like a cheap bargain buy,
Hollowed all the way through,
No heart, no head.