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When shopping lists

for last-minute gifts

cover my calendar

in giant tinseled clots

and stuff my head with

wrapping paper wads,


I close my eyes

and let my sore feet

ramble slowly

down Bourbon Street

where the warm lights

burn  all year round

and lampposts like microphones

amplify the sounds

that pave the syncopated street

in the bright surprises of holiday.


By the bayou,

there’s no frenzied countdown to Christmas,

just a daily,

jazzy reminder

that you don’t want to miss this

crazy, colorful life.





Discover yourself

In a candle shop.

Each jar of colored, scented wax

Extends an invitation

To a fragrant world.

Ignore the cliqued captions

Printed beneath pictures

Of plastic places,

Unscrew the lid

And stop suffocating

In everyday air.

Did the indelible mark

Reach deeper than the folds

Of her dress?

She wanted her wedding

To be fragrant with flowers,

Colored with kisses,

Dripping with joy tears,

But one large coffee stain

Still boils on the fabric

Of her fairytale gown.

It hides like her dreams

Among the thrift shop

Wedding dresses.