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Every revolution of the sun
Is marked
In its core
By the click of a
Seatbelt buckle 
Whose metal heat has blistered
The thumbs of a thousand.
Stovetops with an equal status
Are struck with matches
Until the sound of a bb bullet
In old green bean can
Echoes and spins and escapes,
Curling each ray
On its way back to earth.

Future’s bright breath

Softens her wrinkles

Until like a child

She sits,

Her stiffly curled hair

Softly tousled by

Decades of calendars’

Flipping pages.

With the whirring of clocks

Filling her ears

And memory mingling

With hope

In her blood,

She waits

With eager, bright eyes

To greet the new year,

Just as she has

For as long

As she can remember.