dirt on the welcome mat

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Running your fingers through his hair,

Those light strands

Curling like discarded crayon wrappers.

Can you see the color captions yet,

Or are you looking for

Descriptions of yourself?

Keep clawing at his scalp,

And a few dandruff compliments

Might slide under your fingernails.

You know he’d color you a masterpiece

If you’d stop fingering

Each thought.

Puppet strings

Swing from

My fingers and toes.

You pull out a bow

From your

Frayed back pocket

And somehow

The sound

Is electric.

You are
The warm puddle water that
Over the top
Of my rainy day boots,
Slip-dripping down,
Penetrating my socks
Until their sogginess
With each step. 



She’s up early

Every morning

Painting each eyelid

A different shade,

Parting her hair

A little to one side,

Getting ready for both of them,

Two princes so charming,

Both bending one knee

So in a cheerleader stance,

She can face the crowd.