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You laugh
That repulsed
Mirrors crack and
Cameras break,
But real people
And take
Light from
Happy moments,
And glue
Them between pages
In their

Scribbles form flowers
Easily enough.
Trees and birds come alive
With watercolor stuff.

Stray pen marks  
Turn to effortless sunshine.
Just a few fingerprints
Make a picture mine.

Seated in a circle,
My classmates all knew
Art was what
We were meant to do.

Being an artist was easy,
But we were talented, of course,
Until the teacher told us
To each draw a horse.

Zip the

Rusted metal claws

On your faded 

Floral traveling bag

After you’ve filled it

With sepia toned pictures,

Dog-eared newspapers

And frayed, folded quilts.

I’ll grip its cracked handle

And lift the aged weight

If you take me to the train station

Where your adventure began.