dirt on the welcome mat

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you’re walking funny
under a fresh coat of paint,
that bright white
nervous new shine
trembles like a loose tooth
under your smile

Twenty seven we sit,
Styrofoam solar systems 
Within cinderblock walls,
Trying not to lose our colors by
Orbiting as planned, 
Spinning eyes over the room
While paint, like sand,
Crumbles from hardened shell to 
Seats nearby.
Questioning if we represent
The magnitude of our paper labels,
We planets ponder
The implications of our majors,
Galaxies beyond
Our comprehension.

Small talk,

The first test of endurance

For a quickly swelling tongue.

Harder questions then are flung

Until hitting

The back of the throat,

They slide down

To the stomach where

Butterflies should flutter,

But instead a swarm of wasps

Sting each phrase,

You utter

Utter nonsense

Just to keep

Their veiny wings