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Through words and stone immortalized,
These privileged lovers
And stubborn sons,
Surely thousands strong by now,
Puncture the earth
Like birthday candles on a cake,
Sticks of wax waiting to be melted
Just slightly by controversial heat
Then removed
From their sticky sweet platform
By eager,
Growing fingers
That fill their spaces
With newer,
Fresher faces
Plus one every year.


Little slivers of time,

Slide by until their loud ticking sound

Threatens our sanity, happiness, immortality.

But we shouldn’t complain, for to keep us from worrying

And wasting time, they make it quite obvious

Why the second hand reaches

The longest on the



Ghosts don’t lurk
In quiet corners
Or moan in transparency.
They burn our eyes
With bright colors
That span the
Rainbow of reality.
They shock our senses
With deja vu details,
Laugh with us over
Forgotten inside jokes,
Then leave us to sulk,
Pondering immortality
And pulling the bed covers
Over our heads
Each morning.