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Braid the sunset
And weave the river slow-
Let it sparkle between burnt evening strands,
Hold my hands.
Take my soul
And look through it into the light
That flows between water and sky,
Soothe from it the night
That scratches deep
With clock-face fingers.
Keep the morning shadows too-
Let smooth sun slants
Warm my face,
Illuminate you
In the daybreak.

Sparrows sit like music notes

On thin telephone wires.

Poised with puffed-up chests

Like opera singers,

They feel their elevation

Above buildings, people, cars.

Man’s voice,

In its constant travel

Beneath tiny bird feet,

Becomes only a weak

Mechanical murmur,

A meaningless silence substitute

That lacks the strength

To burst forth from

Its tiny wire prison,

Strung from pole to pole.

The sparrows’ song,

Pure and sweet,

Bounded only

By the open sky,


What beautiful melodies

Humanity may sing

If we like sparrows

Sat and let our Maker

Fill us with music.

By the words of his mouth,

Water splashed against land.

With skillful imagination,

He formed human hands.

By his power and choosing,

Kings fall and they stand.

From the love of his heart,

God became man.