dirt on the welcome mat

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Sticks of candy

And smiley faced stickers,

Stones as pets, our imaginary friends.

Will we ever

Break from our childhood?

My very

Bones remember the playground,

But you have had a marrow transplant, your

Words don’t loop back,

Will you

Never return to your bug collection- what

Hurt stops you from remembering with


Let’s set sail

In a paper boat

Made with love notes

So we can laugh at

Scribbled secrets

And badly rhyming lines

Of silly sentimentality

As we drift along,

Making faces

In the watery mirror

Below our ship

And smiling straight

Into the sun.

Oh, to live in a comic strip

Where my every frustration

Is a humorous quip

That amuses the world.

Where my flaws and gaffes

Are only the source of

Jokes and laughs

With cartoon friends.