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We were
All toes yesterday.
Busy schedules and deadlines
Squished us together
In a pair of
Too-tight tennis shoes,
Covering us in
A hot layer
Of sweat and stress,
Each hunched over
By the common bond
Of forward movement and littleness,
Of chipped nail polish
And blisters.


First Christmas at college and there’s so much to see,

Wreaths, flurried snows and Christmas trees.


Posted exam schedules bring out the Grinch in me,

“Cumulative” is a curse word.

At least in a few days I can leave.


Gift exchange number one with a group of friends,

Eating too much sugar,

Watching cheesy movies,

Wish the night didn’t ever have to end.


Midnight breakfast on Thursday was the first study break,

Sleep-deprived giggle shakes,

Muffins, grits, and pancakes,

Keep my brain awake,

Marshbanks’ food never tasted so great.


The first Friday of December begins exam week,

Unnaturally alert,

Classmates complain their brains hurt,

Some nervously flirt,

My professor wore a t-shirt,

As he passed out religion exam sheets.


On day six in December my professor gave to me

Algebra word problems, 

Evil Scantron columns,

Funny-looking graphs,

“Do your best, class,”

Hopefully I’ll pass

Her test about mathematical theories.


Last-minute laundry on the seventh of the month,

Long flights of stairs,

Awkward heavy basket,

Dirty socks go flying,

Towards scattered dryer sheets,

Don’t drop the clean clothes

In detergent puddles,

Won’t miss this chore any more than algebra.


Western Civ exam at lunch time on Wednesday number two,

Middle Ages’ drama,


Church has a schism,

Monks publish wisdom,

Popes and kings colliding,

Vikings enjoy fighting,

Reformation writing,

All crammed in a three hour test.


Say farewell to the dorm room, I’m trekking back home,

Twenty trips to the car,

And still not all that far

In my packing progress,

Maybe it’s post-exam stress,

Punching in my address

In the GPS,

Two hours from destination,

Find a good radio station,

Homeward bound, blasting music, I sing along.


Pulling into the driveway, I breathe a happy sigh.

Off the crowded highway,

Forgotten exam day,

One month at-home stay,

Break from long class meetings,

Dogs barking greetings,

Unload clothes and shoes,

Catch up on the news,

Eat home-cooked food,

In a relaxed mood,

Feel the Christmas spirit sinking in.


On the first weekend at home, church party to attend,

Sunday school class Christmas,

“College and Career” friends,

Don’t show up gift-less,

Five dollar limit,

No gags or gimmicks,

Major dessert display,

Sprinkles on every tray,

Feeling a stomach ache,

Keep piling on cake,

Going to gain some weight,

Put on the freshman fifteen over Christmas break.


Last minute Christmas shopping, is Black Friday here to stay?

Just need a few things

Hope that Santa brings

Cash in his sack

To pay me back

For gifts I’m buying

For friends, I’m trying

To get a discount,

Save my bank account,

Many crowds I braved,

Think how much I saved,

Didn’t bother to wave

As I left the stores I now owe Christmas fees.