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The coffee beans grinding
May have grated on his goodwill,
Perhaps the stirring and sloshing
Was too bitter a pill.

Maybe his name tag hung crooked
All day on his shirt,
Or the new mocha flavor
Made his head hurt.

Whatever the source
Of his obvious pain,
Working at Starbucks
Was undeniably the main

Root of this young man’s
Bitter hatred of the world.
When one customer ordered
Some fancy swirled

No-fat, no-whip coffee concoction,
Muttering in hushed annoyance he
Created the mixture
Just slow enough for her to see

That perhaps he didn’t quite
Remember each important detail.
Trembling, he poured out the drink
And corrected his first fail.

This anti-climax was
A shocking surprise,
Especially to himself,
You could see in his eyes.

Uncertain of his own
Character’s strength,
He stepped outside
For an undisclosed length

Of time, and surely
As he stopped to think
He realized that when life makes you boil,
You just make something hot to drink.