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Braid the sunset
And weave the river slow-
Let it sparkle between burnt evening strands,
Hold my hands.
Take my soul
And look through it into the light
That flows between water and sky,
Soothe from it the night
That scratches deep
With clock-face fingers.
Keep the morning shadows too-
Let smooth sun slants
Warm my face,
Illuminate you
In the daybreak.

Seconds should tick,

Not flicker down,

Digitally compressing

Until they fly away,

Spinning green

Like little lights

On a UFO.

Life is time,

Time is sound.

Rounded fingernails click

On the tabletop,

Mental metronome

Sensory overload,

Don’t drop

The tempo.


Little slivers of time,

Slide by until their loud ticking sound

Threatens our sanity, happiness, immortality.

But we shouldn’t complain, for to keep us from worrying

And wasting time, they make it quite obvious

Why the second hand reaches

The longest on the