dirt on the welcome mat

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Cracked plates and silverware,

We all sit


Staring out

The dishwasher door.

Clean and dirty,

Silent as

The cold linoleum,

Tired of being stacked and scraped and smeared

With insatiable appetites.

We keep sliding on the soft underside

Of the bar of soap,


No grimy fingers

Will press us 

Further in,

Already held by a sudsy glue,

We knew

We wanted clean hands,

But we’re not purified,

Just coated with white film,

Growing unnoticed beneath

A thick tombstone.

Like unfolded clothes,

Her crumpled phrases

Raise the question-

Clean or dirty?

Selfishness and apathy

Often parade as innocence

And naiveté,

But timeout usually seems to be

A two year old’s unraveling.