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on Valentine’s
my heart’s a chalky banana-
no gooey cream center
or soft melting shell.
dull red is printed
deep in my dusty
desert yellow
the typewriter letters
so succinctly spell
my Valentine motto-


This Saccharin competition,
       Wrapped in sunny gold foil
                      And oozing chocolate, 
                             sends you searching in circles
                                    Until hunched over,
                                      On big swollen bunny feet,
                                          You decide your empty basket
                                                                               Is half-full.

No love letter

To peruse,

So latitude and longitude

Are skimmed for

Lines to read between.

Each piece of chocolate

Is unwrapped with the

Expectation of a treasure map

Printed on the underside

Of the shiny red foil,

X marks the spot.


He didn’t just

Like candy and soda,

Cupcake wrappers

Filled his tummy too.

Ten chubby fingers

Trembled like Jell-O

As they reached

For the small

Pale hands of his pretty

Curly haired classmate

Who sat in trepidation

across the school lunch table.

But her chocolate pudding

Like the brown swirls of her hair,

Captivated his senses

And curbed his appetite

As he immersed each finger

In the sweet distraction.