dirt on the welcome mat

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Penny post

To pony express

To parked cars

Halfway in the road.

Rain or shine,

Snow or sleet,

Safety’s never been

Priority mail.

Orthodontist’s molds
Of my straightened teeth
And x-rays from before,
School picture days
And Christmas parades
And happy masks in the store.
Silly crocodiles,
Colons and parentheses,
Stars and a waning moon.
The front of cars,
Barbie and her friends,
The promise of seeing you soon.

Hauling hay bales

Down the highway,

A rusty trailer showers

Passing cars with golden straws.

These sunbeam sticks

Dance up windshields

Like a Peter Pan posse,

Until a gust of wind

Pushes them up, up and over.

Racing down trunks,

Bumping over license plates,

Then leaping to the ground,

They sit like limp tinsel on the pavement,

Waiting in vain for another wild ride.