dirt on the welcome mat

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We move with inky shoes 
Across desk calendars,
Jogging twice around
Each day’s black square,
Squeezing our bodies
Through cursive reminders,

Dyeing hair to match
Highlighted events,

Stopping only to glance
At the numbered sun
In the left hand corner.

Memory sliced thin and cubed,
Acquire the taste
Of bitter yellow hue
Peppered with ink-
Scribbled nametags
Clothe the calendar
Inviting bystanders
To a bright,
Important world-
Post-it note paradise,
Stick figures recline
Under a palm tree
Too busy to bother

Shredded paper in his spaghetti


Stamped all over the sauce.

Meatballs ground with

Bits of brown




Dessert topped

With sweet

White-out icing gloss.

We were
All toes yesterday.
Busy schedules and deadlines
Squished us together
In a pair of
Too-tight tennis shoes,
Covering us in
A hot layer
Of sweat and stress,
Each hunched over
By the common bond
Of forward movement and littleness,
Of chipped nail polish
And blisters.