dirt on the welcome mat

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When I see the shy pink blossom of a tree,

I scoff at black-and-white photography.


We see the blush

But point-and-shoot

And kill

The colors we forgot we grew into.

We meant to

Shake the dried petals

Away from the binding,

But the blinding, aging sun-flash

Won’t stop reminding

Us of the shadows on the dial

We fade as we capture

We develop into masters

Our slaves’ blood the gray ink

Glossed in our history book portrait.

her secrets are safe
between her toes
she goes barefoot
on mud puddle days
and river-wades
and the wild-sown silents
slosh over and sink ground
dirt brown and so soft
everyone knows the smell
and sound
but nobody looks

you placed my fingers in
the spaces between
the spider’s threads

and waited for sunset
or something I said
to warm your eyes

until blinded and bound
we could sit
softly together