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The stick of gum you
Pop in your mouth
Right before you
Draw the fatal
Foul breath to

Perhaps you think
The thinly stretched
Bubbles of profanity
Popping out of your mouth
Display what you really

When you said-
Well, I couldn’t hear it
For all the loud chomping
On your wad of green glorified cud,
Your endless recitation and repetition.

Are you
Ready to spit it out?
Or swallow it even-
Perhaps by the time 
It’s fully digested,
You’ll be more than spearmint.

Her jaws are hinged shut
As his swing open wide,

Her head’s screwed on tightly,
His jerks side to side.

A practiced Stoic,
In silence she sits.

Her bored expressions
Say it’s not the first of his fits.

Completely different genres
Pulse through their veins,

Only the faintest hint
Of their song remains,

The faint harmony
Barely reaches my ear

As I watch the drama unfold
In my rearview mirror.